Are Learning Sets Effective in Operational Contexts?

      Mandy Newbold Senior Lecturer in Sport Development/Sport Business Management Institute of Sport and Exercise Science UW Teaching Award Recipient    The adoption of learning sets to support the learning, focus and submission of a development plan assignment for Level 5 Sport Development and Coaching students was introduced in 2014. It was hoped that using learning sets, where students’ collaborative work is set within a real-world context, would motivate and help them to see the relevance of their University work to the outside world.

Development and Delivery of PSYC3646 Forensic Psychology in Practice

Dr Gillian Harrop, Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology, Institute of Health and Society UW Teaching Award recipient The context of this case study is the development and delivery of the PSYC3646 Forensic Psychology in Practice, a third year module on the BSc in Forensic Psychology, which teaches students to critically consider the discipline of forensic psychology as it applies to forensic settings, as well as developing knowledge and understanding of relevant theory and practices.