Calls for Papers

Calls for Papers 

(Organised by deadline)



4th World Conference on Teaching and Education (World CTE)

3-5 June 2022

University of Oxford (with virtual option)

Papers due 20 May 2022

Scholars, scientists, researchers, graduate and post-graduate students from around the world will come together to share their unique perspectives and experiences, inspire and learn from each other, uncover new trends, discuss common challenges, and brainstorm creative solutions.



5th International Conference on Teaching, Learning and Education (ICTLE)

8-10 July 2022

Hotel Uto Kulm, Zurich, Switzerland

Papers due 24 June 2022

There are many reasons to join, but here are just a few. The agenda is designed by a diverse group of expert committee members. It addresses the most significant questions in the areas of early childhood education, public education policy, machine learning, theory and practice of physical education development, and more. Our prestigious panel of speakers will guide the discussion for maximum engagement, offering you a unique opportunity to learn from your peers from all around the world. Finally, it is your chance to share your knowledge with thousands of members of our network, be it through paper publications, poster presentations, or networking sessions. The conference is seeking submissions related to the following conference topics: Education Theory and Practice, Education Policy and Administration, e-Learning, Teaching, English Language Teaching, Foreign Language Teaching, Child and Family Education, and Learning. Other related topics will also be considered.


Transformative Teaching Conference (Amps: Architecture Media Politics Society)

15-17 November 2022


Abstracts due 30 June 2022 (Round 1) and 5 October 2022 (Round 2)

The academy brings in students from general education. It prepares them for a world of work and practice. In the process, it seeks to ‘transform’ them – opening students to the myriad of possibilities education is expected to bring. Considered within this context, there a multitude of issues we need to consider. How we support entry level students? How we foster the critical self-reflection needed for lifelong learning? In a technologically fluid world, how do we keep up with changing media and practice? How do we support the engagement and understanding of our students with the social issues and players they will engage with once they leave? In short, how are we contributing to the transformative experience of education? This conference seeks to foster a multifaceted consideration of what we do within the academy; how we teach; how students learn; and how we engage beyond its walls.


6th International Conference on Advanced Research in Education, Teaching and Learning (ARETL 2022)

29-31 July 2022

Dublin, Ireland (hybrid)

Papers due 15 July 2022

With such rapid technological advances and a diverse range of challenges on local, national, and international levels, this international conference on education provides members of academia with a unique platform to identify the most pressing needs in the field and brainstorm creative solutions. ARETL is one of the most respected education conferences in the academic world. As such, it is the perfect chance to present your research and get published in indexed journals. Move your career forward, while also connecting with peers from around the world and engaging in cross-border learning.


21st Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education

3-6 January 2023

Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort, Honolulu, Hawaii

Submissions/proposals due 5 August 2022

The main goal of the 2023 Hawaii International Conference on Education is to provide an opportunity for academicians and professionals from various education related fields from all over the world to come together and learn from each other. An additional goal of the conference is to provide a place for academicians and professionals with cross-disciplinary interests related to education to meet and interact with members inside and outside their own particular disciplines.


5th International Academic Conference on Teaching, Learning and Education (TLECONF)

21-23 October 2022

Athens, Greece

Papers due 7 October 2022 

New trends and modern approaches to education, emerging technologies, pedagogical methods and innovations, education-industry cooperation, inclusive learning and special education, education and international cooperation are just a few topics to be discussed at this international education conference.