Calls for Papers

Calls for Papers 

(Organised by submission deadline)


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Conference 2023: The Shoulders of Giants: Listening, Learning and Improving our Practice (Advance HE)
15-16 March 2023
London (venue TBC)
Submissions due 3 October 2022

The conference will run across two days (optional evening dinner and entertainment on the evening of 15 March) and focus on ensuring that approaches to EDI work for all and addressing current and future challenges and opportunities. Through forecasting emerging EDI topics and priorities in the sector, it will create space for reflection and capacity building. This conference will offer an opportunity to think deeply and creatively about what it means to be an inclusive institution, to explore models of inclusion that challenge traditional concepts of leadership and agency, and to share innovative practice around collaboration, co-ownership, allyship and solidarity.

Transformative Teaching Conference (Amps: Architecture Media Politics Society)
15-17 November 2022
Abstracts due 5 October 2022 (Round 2)

The academy brings in students from general education. It prepares them for a world of work and practice. In the process, it seeks to ‘transform’ them – opening students to the myriad of possibilities education is expected to bring. Considered within this context, there a multitude of issues we need to consider. How we support entry level students? How we foster the critical self-reflection needed for lifelong learning? In a technologically fluid world, how do we keep up with changing media and practice? How do we support the engagement and understanding of our students with the social issues and players they will engage with once they leave? In short, how are we contributing to the transformative experience of education? This conference seeks to foster a multifaceted consideration of what we do within the academy; how we teach; how students learn; and how we engage beyond its walls.

2023 European Learning & Teaching Forum (European University Association)
2-3 February 2023
Proposals due 7 October 2022

The event, entitled “Connecting people, spaces and realities”, will be hosted by the University of Deusto in Bilbao, Spain, on 2-3 February 2023. High-quality learning environments depend on well-functioning communication and a community of practice connecting learners, teachers, and other staff, but also on their capacity to relate to partner universities as well as local or regional stakeholders. These diverse inner- and inter-institutional connections are critical for initiating and sustaining innovation in learning and teaching, be it in view of developing transformative practices or promoting the wellbeing of members of a higher education institution. Yet, what can higher education institutions do to foster meaningful connections and collaboration within and across institutions, and with society, with a view to supporting successful learning and teaching? The 2023 European Learning & Teaching Forum seeks to explore these questions, while considering the enhanced range of opportunities that blended, flexible and collaborative learning and teaching practices offer, as well as how they relate to student and staff wellbeing.

5th International Academic Conference on Teaching, Learning and Education (TLECONF)
21-23 October 2022
Athens, Greece
Papers due 7 October 2022 

New trends and modern approaches to education, emerging technologies, pedagogical methods and innovations, education-industry cooperation, inclusive learning and special education, education and international cooperation are just a few topics to be discussed at this international education conference.

7th Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching Conference (Anglia Ruskin University)
20 April 2023
Anglia Ruskin University
Papers due 21 December 2022

This year’s conference theme, ‘Interdisciplinary Experiences: Transforming Perspectives’, will focus on the opportunities afforded by interdisciplinary learning and teaching to transform the vision and frames of reference that students bring to the classroom. The conference also asks how we can empower students to use their experiences of interdisciplinary study to make a difference. This transformation might be in their own learning journey or within a wider community. The conference theme is close to our hearts at ARU; our education is underpinned by our mission, ‘Transforming lives through innovative, inclusive and entrepreneurial education and research’.