Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF): Outcomes for UW

The University is delighted to have achieved Silver in the first TEF assessment. The award is valid for up to three years.

As for all other HE Institutions in England and Wales, the TEF Panel reviewed the provider metrics and provider submission according to the process and criteria specified in the TEF guidance.

The TEF ‘statement of findings’ (the conclusions of the TEF Panel based on consideration of our metrics and submissions) is as follows:

The University metrics, supplemented by the submission, indicate that students achieve excellent outcomes. Continuation for part-time students is below the University’s benchmark and the Panel deemed this was effectively addressed in the provider submission. Very high proportions of part-time students progress to highly skilled employment or further study which notably exceeds benchmark. The metrics indicate high levels of student satisfaction with teaching, academic support, assessment and feedback.

The Panel considered the submission in relation to the TEF criteria and its judgement reflects in particular, additional evidence of:

  • approaches to course design which involve consultation with local employers and students and which provide high levels of stretch and significant challenge, contributing to demonstrable progress in the acquisition of knowledge, skills and understanding
  • teaching that encourages high levels of student engagement and commitment to learning and study including excellent levels of contact time, and schemes which involve students in the enhancement of their learning experience and strategic enhancement projects
  • high quality digital and physical learning resources which are used by students to enhance learning
  • an established University-wide culture that facilitates, recognises and rewards excellent teaching, which results in a high proportion of staff with recognised teaching qualifications.

Overall, the TEF Panel judged that the combination of evidence in the provider metrics and the provider submission best fits the descriptor for a Silver award.

All TEF outcomes and data including institutional metrics and submissions and the TEF Panel’s statements of findings, are now published on the TEF web pages of the HEFCE website at www.hefce.ac.uk/tefoutcomes.

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