Vignette of Practice: ‘How to get an A Grade’

  How to get an A Grade By Dawn Goodall, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Health and Wellbeing and Learning and Teaching Co-ordinator; School of Allied Health and Community       As part of the Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education we were introduced to the university’s Generic Undergraduate Grading Criteria (UW, 2016) [K6] and a fellow student commented if he had known this he would have ‘got a First’. This stuck in my head and after exploring Structure of Observed Learning Outcomes (SOLO) (Biggs and Collis, 1982; Biggs and Tang, 2007), I decided to design a session for students on assessment grading (A2). I explored grade differences using key vocabulary/ideas in the descriptors’, sporting analogies, physical demonstrations with books and hypothetical authorship…. Read moreVignette of Practice: ‘How to get an A Grade’