Supporting Student Transition to UW: 2020


Over the past few years we have explored the various issues regarding students transitioning into HE, both at Level 4 or Level 6 and directly to UW or via our partners.  Given the particular circumstances we are faced with this year, it seems useful to revisit some of the outcomes of this work as well as to look across the sector at the work others are doing to make transitions as easy as possible for new students.

This piece then, outlines the issues facing us in terms of students’ transitioning to us in September and provides an overview of the steps our staff – and others across the sector – are taking in order to ensure that they join us ready to engage appropriately both with their studies and with each other.   It would be great if you could reply or add comments to this article – or contact us separately if you wish – to share your own thinking and practice.

Read the full article: Transitions 2020 Overview


  • Overview of current context
  • Sector wide approaches and resources
  • Outline of transitional issues and exploration of effective practice
  • Examples of UW good practice to aid group cohesion and readiness for learning
    • for offer holders prior to September
    • for new/returning students in Semester 1/Welcome Week
  • More discussion/good practice case studies as highlighted in previous posts and report on the UW Transitions Project (2019)

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