Moving Online – connecting with students

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With the rapid transition that has been necessary recently due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a large number of colleagues are looking for ideas, alternatives and suggestions for developing their learning and teaching approaches online. This series of blog posts are aimed at supporting staff looking for ways to incorporate more blended or online learning teaching whether for the short term or long term. What do we mean by connecting with students online? As teaching begins for some for the summer term or students are preparing for their online exams coming up in May, it’s important to think about how we’re keeping connected with our students and helping them to connect with each other. Students can gain much from the informal, social learning that accompanies the… Read moreMoving Online – connecting with students

Our Heads in The Cloud: Using Padlet to Enhance Learning & Professional Practice

Dave Hunt, PGCE Computer Science Course Tutor, Institute of Education As a teacher trainer from a secondary school setting, my arrival in the HE sector provided me with some immediate insights into how staff and students could potentially benefit from the use of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL). Schools have historically benefitted from significant investment in this field and perhaps their smaller size makes them more agile in terms of institutional change. I felt the need to raise my trainees’ awareness of the range of learning technologies that were available to them whilst on their school based training placements.